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The Workers' Compensation Specialists 
More than any other type of insurance, Workers' Compensation can be a controllable expense. Hogan Insurance Services' mission is to provide a strategy to reduce future costs and to assist our clients with the execution of this strategy. 
In today's environment of rising rates, spiraling healthcare costs and out of control litigation, your business needs more than an insurance agent. You need a proactive specialist so you can concentrate on growing your business.
Outsource Your Employee Benefits 
You will pay the same for group health insurance regardless of who you purchase the policy from. This being the case, other than the health plan itself, what else are you getting from your insurance provider? 
How much time does your H.R. Department spend dealing with enrollment and coverage issues? Cobra administration? Answering employee questions?  Claims issues?   When Hogan Insurance Services becomes your provider, we take over these functions at no cost so your H.R. Department can focus on hiring and retaining great employees.
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Online Tools and Resources for Human Resources and Risk Management
We are pleased to announce the launch of our Risk Management Center. Through this new resource Hogan clients can manage and develop a proactive H.R. and Risk Management program, manage incidents and claims, Insurance Certificates, OSHA reporting, Hazard Communication, Material Safety Data Sheets, Employee Training and more.  Hogan is partnering with Succeed Management Solutions to bring this cutting edge resource to our clients.